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Sustainable Minimalists Podcast: Conscious Spending

Now that's a match made in heaven if I ever saw one. Sustainability AND Minimalism? When I was embarking on this journey to FI, I was already an environmental and waste advocate (I mean I do own a zero-waste moving box rental company and get will not get coffee if I forgot my own mug). What I realized is that minimalism has values that embody sustainability, but you can be sustainable-minded, yet not a minimalist. (Think - buying 9 pairs of shoes from a company that makes the soles from wine corks).

So, I was super duper excited when I came across The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast, and seeing all the amazing work Stephanie was doing to help her followers make impactful changes in their lives while helping spread the mission of sustainability. I had listened to The Minimalists Podcast, and love their content as well, yet Stephanie focuses on sustainability as well in a compelling way.

I got the exciting chance to be her guest for her most recent podcast episode, Conscious Spending, where we talked about how to be a sustainable minimalist while on your journey to FI. Check it out!

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