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1 Easy Way to Give Yourself a Christmas Gift Anytime of the Year!

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Happy holidays! So as we count down to one of the most jovial and cherished holidays of the year, we are all so focused on making sure we cross everyone off of our list, we can sometimes forget ourselves (or sometimes just plain run out of budget to buy ourselves anything. Being that it's Christmas time, I'm going to make this post short and sweet. Want an easy way to make some money with little effort?

Search for Bank account and Brokerage account bonuses

Yes, that's right, you can earn a bonus simply by opening an account, or account package, at a company that's providing those as an incentive to earn your business. Each bank or brokerage firm typically has it's own offering terms and conditions, so you'll want to make sure you read them before you move ahead. It might be something like open a new savings account, transfer $25,000 or more in, and after it's been in there for 90 days, you'll see a $250 credit!

A simple search in Google search on "bank account opening bonuses" or "brokerage account bonuses" can yield you a plethora of results. Keep in mind that these offers do expire and change, so if you don't find one right away, don't despair! Check regularly and you'll find one soon that fits your needs. Also, if you worried opening and closing bank accounts will affect your credit, it won't (as long as you don't close out with a negative balance, don't do that!) and do a good job of keeping tabs on the best offers, as we blogs (like this one!)

Happy Holidays you financially sassy readers!


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