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3 Things You Should Invest in during the WFH Trend and Beyond

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

So if you read my book, Financial Fives (which you should if you haven't already, because it's awesome and will change your life IMO), you'll find there are a few things I recommend you invest in to save yourself money over time, depending on your lifestyle. Given that we are in a pandemic, maybe investing in things like an ironing board or set of glass containers isn't as useful if you just throw on that golf shirt for Zoom calls and your "meal prep" is microwaving leftovers. That being said, things will eventually go back to normal, so as long as you keep following this blog you'll be up to date and hip with the times! Even during a work from home life though, you can invest in a few quality items that will save you money over time, and honestly make you more conscious about your spending. I won't indulge with the obvious ergonomic chair or stand up desk, I'm focusing on versatile tools that will help you no matter what your work situation is, because duh not everyone works from home. Without further ado...

1) Cast Iron Skillet - I know, you're probably rolling your eyes and thinking I'm behind the times and should get an Instant Pot. Well listen, the Instant Pot is an amazing machine, and while I don't own one, I know many that do and they swear by it. The thing can do amazing things and is a big time saver! Still, many of you may realize by now that I'm kind of a minimalist, and I just don't want extra things in my kitchen unless I use them regularly. In addition, Instant Pot is more expensive than a Cast Iron Skillet, and I happen to like cooking! It's therapeutic in a sense, watching that garlic sizzle in avocado oil. Plus, you can't make pancakes in an Instant Pot can you?? A Cast Iron Skillet goes on the stove top, into the oven and even on the campfire! The best cornbread ever! These skillets last forever, and they distribute the heat evenly, so you don’t burn the onions. There are endless opportunities to cook up something, you’ll save by not eating out and you’ll have numerous chances to impress your friends with your culinary skills. The best part about these is they are so versatile. You pretty much can’t break it. It won’t peel like those nonstick pans and all you need to clean them is hot water and a brush.

2) A Good Shower head - You're probably going to roll you eyes and think "Oh wow, I'm going to save on my water bill, what a game-changing idea!" Before you dismiss the idea, saving money isn't the primary reason I make this point, shocking I know. However, having a really good shower head can be a game changer for your energy and productivity levels during the day, and that we know can have a profound impact on your creativity and earning potential. A shower is how many of us start our day, and if you have an old, clogged-up shower head that sadly dribbles out water, you’re probably not going to jump out dancing to Walking on Sunshine. On the other hand, getting a nice powerful shower head with a robust flow, or a handheld to make it more “engaging,” you’ll feel more energized and thus have a more bubbly, productive day (C’mon, I know you’ve seen those commercials of people getting started with their day. They all have good shower heads!) Bonus, you’ll save on your water bill too, not only because newer ones are more efficient, but with a powerful shower you probably won’t spend as much time running that water.

3) A Quality Comforter - These just keep getting better don't they! I'm a firm believer that you have to take good care of your health, first and foremost. You only get one body, and if you're not feeling 100% your happiness, energy, and quite honestly finances, could suffer. So, investing in a comfortable and durable mattress and pillow so you sleep optimally and take care of your posture is super duper important. This being a post about saving money though, I wanted to focus on another tool in your sleep: The almighty comforter. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, so if you save on heating bills this winter during 1/3 of the day, you save big time! Well, big time over time. If you pay for your own heating and air conditioning, this can make a difference. You don’t really outgrow a comforter like you do with your clothes, so investing in a good one can make sure not only that you don’t spend more on one again for a long time, but also that you make sure you are warm when you need to be to prevent turning up the heat. Sure, you could dress like an Eskimo with gloves and all to stay warm, but can you really sleep in that? I didn’t think so!


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