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FF Has Made it onto GoBankingRates!

Guys, sometimes in life we just need to pause and celebrate. I started this blog after publishing Financial Fives in October 2020, and one of my goals was to be referenced on an article on I read MSN almost every day, and thought it to myself one day, FF will make it on MSN. Well, it happened! Last week we were featured in not one, but TWO articles on GOBankingRates, one of which ended up on MSN and one on Yahoo! So, if whether you're curious about how to improve the resale value of your home or find ways to plug the leak on daily wastes of money, we've got you covered. Thank all of you sincerely for your readership, I hope you are finding value in the book and the posts, we're just getting started! Special thank you to the journalists at GOBankingRates for using my responses!


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