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Beyond Retirement Podcast Episode!

Updated: May 12, 2022

This week I'd like to invite you guys to the coffee table with myself and podcast host, Jacquie Doucett. Jacquie is based in Canada and teaches people how to design their lives post-retirement in a fun, educational, and introspective manner. I knew I had to reach out to collaborate on a guest post after listening to some of her other episodes. Check out her site, Beyond Retirement for other informative and compelling conversations.

Oftentimes, as you'll find in many other FI podcasts, the topics of discussion are around investing, geo-arbitrage, side-hustles, real estate investing, and frugality, all in the name of retiring early. Well, what happens when you've finally gotten there?

In this episode, we discuss gratitude, reflection, and how to use your newfound wealth of time to the benefit of your mental wellbeing, family, and community. Volunteering, exploring the causes you are passionate about, getting involved in community affairs such as a proposed development, or just being more active in local politics so you can help the next generation enjoy a life as prosperous as you had.

Before life passes you by and you end up bored in retirement because all you focused on was HOW to retire early, and not WHAT retirement actually looks like daily basis, this episode is for you. Jacquie doesn't normally have financial planners on her show, so grab your favorite beverage or strap on your walking shoes, and listen to this episode!


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