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Modern Consumerism; What It Was, What It Is, How We Got Here, & What We Can Do About It

This week I want to share a special article with you all that appeared on via Authority magazine this week, published by Drew Gerber, CEO of Wasabi Publicity.

I hadn't heard of Authority Magazine until I saw the query on HARO, and hadn't spent too much time on Medium either. If you're looking for real people giving real, candid, and informative interviews, head on over to Authority Magazine!

The article we collaborated on was on Modern Consumerism. You all know the theme of our website, our ethos, and our brand. It's Conscious Consumerism. How can we make this a better world and improve our quality of life? It's Conscious Consumerism.

Check out the article here.

We talk about everything from what makes a fulfilling life, the history of marketing, and what having "enough" means.

As an aside, I was thrilled that they said I'm a person of "enormous influence". I'm w work in progress I know.

Enjoy the article and let me know what you think!


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