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MoneyFit Podcast Episode!

I'm excited to be featured as a guest on the Money Fit Show podcast, published this past Monday February 28th! This episode is entitled "Becoming Money Smart in the Face of Life’s Challenges." Please check it out on your favorite podcast platform such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.

Todd is the host of the MoneyFit podcast and author of Everyday Money for Everyday People. He is a remarkable speaker and worship facilitator, among many other hats he wears! I truly enjoyed working with Todd because he works for DRS, or Debt Reduction Services, and his podcast focuses on overcoming life challenges in relation to personal finance. It's not always about the million-dollar idea or investing hacks, it's about the person behind the screen, or microphone, or keyboard, and how they overcome hardship in life. It's incredibly humbling and empowering to have these conversations, and we have Todd to thank for his hard work and diligence to give a voice to those people.


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