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My Awesome Gang Author Interview!

If you're the kind of person that loves interview-like podcasts or binge-watch the 73 Questions Series on Vogue, this post is for you! For me, I shied away from posting interviews, as they can sometimes seem like a monologue of shameless plugs, bragging where one came from, or an unnecessary and boring way to share your life with the world.

However, I love those rapid-fire questions at the end of a podcast or interview, as I find it gives the interviewee a short timeline to deliver what's really on their mind, and we can get to know them in a candid yet entertaining manner. For example, "What was your most embarrassing memory over the holidays" is a lot more fun to respond and listen to than "What are your qualifications for writing?" I did a fun interview post with Carl at 1500 Days to Freedom for his 10 Questions series a few months back. Go check it out! Carl is a fun person to follow along with as well.

If you haven't heard of Awesome Gang, well the name speaks for itself. It is a very well-designed site, super user-friendly, and an excellent way for authors to engage directly with passionate readers. They have great promotional tools to help self-published authors like myself get the word out about the books they've worked so hard to write.

So, check out Awesome Gang, my author interview, and be sure to bookmark them if you're thinking of writing a book in the future.


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